Britain to Simplify Company Laws to Cut Red Tape

A Greater Germany is Born [BLOG]

New Year’s Day 2013, in so far as the English-speaking press of the world was concerned, was dominated by the negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff in the US and the 40th anniversary of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland joining what was then called the Common Market along with several mainland European states. With UK consent, that has morphed into the European Union.

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Germany and the Netherlands have joined Britain in urging their nationals out of the northeastern Libyan city of Benghazi because of  unspecified threats against Westerners.

Cameron EU Speech Live: PM Talks On Referendum Live

"Summary of Cameron’s speech so far: 

1. We need rules, but must welcome diversity. 
2.We need a leaner, less bureaucratic union. 
3.Britain is not in the single currency and is not going to be.”