Mis-Selling Derivatives Exclusive: Barclays’ Lawyers Accused of Breaching Code of Conduct

Lord Turner (Photo: Parliament TV)



There was no information on trader manipulation in Libor. There was no information on the trade room manipulation so you can’t say that ‘here is the info, why didn’t you act’. 

FSA Chiefs Face Parliamentary Grilling Live

MPs: The cost of redress is probably greater than what the companies gained from PPI in the first place. The State put a lot of money into banks and to keep them surviving. However these mechanisms are now pulling out all this money. Should we put a stop or a limit on these free falls of claims to stop this

Claims management companies have created problems with a deluge of claims.PPI redress is approaching £10bn. The FOS is still upholding about 90% of claims.Although you are talking about the bogus claims but an independent adjudicator FOS says that 90% of these are legitimate. It’s only chaos in the sense because the volumes are huge.